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1.5.21: no read from ttyS0

I am having trouble reading from the serial port on /dev/ttyS0.  I can
open the port, set attributes, and write data, but I never receive
anything on a read.  I have some older executables and an older cygwin
dll (1.5.19), and these still work (running in a DOS shell).  The old
executables don't work with the new dll, and they also don't work after
I recompile.  

I can send and receive data between the two computers using
hyperterminal, so I know that the hardware is ok.  I have checked the
serial port settings with stty after my program runs and after running
hyperterminal, and they are the same.

I have attached a test program.  I have only one serial port, so I
either use a serial loopback connector, or connect to another computer
through a null modem cable and use hyperterminal.

Thanks in advace for your help.

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