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Fixing /etc/profile

I updated cygwin today and got to enjoy the fun of my shell no longer
working. Fortunately for my backside, I did search the mailing list
archive and found the answer required either setting a shopt or
modifying some CR/LF to just LF. No big deal.

The big deal, in my eyes, is that the one of the files that I had to
fix was /etc/profile. The timestamp on this file (prior to my fix) was
May 11, 2004 -- that would be the day I first installed cygwin on this
computer. I have not modified this from the original version.

Wouldn't it make sense that the default /etc/profile would work
out-of-the-box with the default bash installation?


p.s. A few quick helpful tips for people who are looking to fix their
own /etc/profile (and other files):

* The "file" command includes in its output "CRLF line terminators"
for files that have that
* "d2c /etc/profile" will quickly change the line endings in place.
Replace with other file names to fix those.
* Don't forget to check .bash_profile, .bashrc, etc
cd; file .bash* | grep "CRLF line terminators"

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