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Re: XmGrace does not work

On 10/5/06, Volker Quetschke <> wrote:
> I've installed Cygwin in my laptop running Windows XP, and a program
> that I really need a lot (XmGrace) does not work. When I type the
> command "xmgrace" and press Enter, nothing happens. I've seen that
> this problem is related to the current version of xorg. Ok, I
> reinstalled a previous version of xorg, ran rebaseall and XmGrace
> still does not work. I uninstalled and so reinstalled Cygwin, with the
> previous version of xorg selected, and XmGrace, unfortunately, insists
> not to work. Any idea?

I read the whole thread, not only this mail. I know it doesn't help
much to say this, but it works just fine here.

I'm more than willing to fix a XmGrace problem but we need to find
what it is first.

Volker (cygwin XmGrace package maintainer)

Hi Volker,

I'd be glad to describe it...

This problem is reproducible, I've seen it myself and I've seen
similar problems described before. But I'm not sure it is an XmGrace

What happens is that, after a fresh installation of cygwin, cygwin/x,
XmGrace does not work "out-of-the-box". We need to (manually) run a
'rebaseall' to make it work.

If you waqnt to reploduce it, it's important that you start from a
fresh installation of cygwin. AFAIK, this is not exactly a XmGrace
problem, but has to do with newer X11 libraries, but I must confess
that I don't understand much.


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