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Re: cygwin unix commands in windows

Dave Korn wrote:
On 05 October 2006 08:52, Tom Lee wrote:
is there a way to mount /cygdrive/c as /?
by default,  c:/cygwin is mounted as /.

I really like the feature of "ls /" to display evevrything under c:/

If that's *really* what you want, i.e. you want all your unix/linux-style usr, lib, etc, bin, var (and so on) directories scattered amongst your win32-style "Documents and Settings", "Program Files", "WINDOWS" (and so on) directories in your C drive root directory, you should just install cygwin to C:\ instead of installing it to C:\cygwin by changing the default install location when you run setup.exe.

Actually, if you don't mind sucking up precious mount points (doesn't Cygwin have a limit of 32 or something like that?), I would assume you can mount (ahem) EVERYTHING in C:\cygwin to the proper /bin, /lib, /etc, etc location and have / mounted as 'C:\'... but ooh that would be ugly. And don't ask me what problems it might cause... Better to listen to Eric's advice.

Don't use a hippo to... what was I saying?

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