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Re: Cygwin server/cvs passwd problem

Erik Nijkamp wrote:

> Currently Iâm trying to use the newest cygwin version as ssh server
> for windows xp sp2,
> which is working quite smoothly. But actually I need to create a cvs
> alias for an existing nt user.

An alias?

Are you in fact creating a user in the /etc/passwd file? if you want to use it as an alias you have to copy the SSID part of the real user to the alias user.

As an option, an much easier, have you considered adding a user in CVS?  You just have to add a passwd file into the reporitory's CVSROOT, an entry of the form: <pserver-user> <encrypted-password> <real-username>

> Works out of the box in windows/prompt itself, but whenever I try
> exactly the same within the cygwin or putty bash it hangs on the second password
> verification:
> [NT]
> C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cvs -d :pserver:nijkamp:secret@local
> host:/testrepo passwd -a -r nijkamp afoobar3
> Adding user afoobar3@localhost
> New Password:
> Verify Password:

I don't understand what you are doing here, what version of CVS understands the command "passwd"?

> [Putty/Cygwin]
> nijkamp@9956VTM ~
> $ cvs -d :pserver:nijkamp:secret@localhost:/testrepo passwd -a -r nijkamp foobar2
> Adding user afoobar2@localhost
> New Password: secret

It looks like it worked, what is the problem?

> This is a must for my current project and I would be glad if somebody
> could help me.

You seem to be using a modified CVS, so why ask here?

My Cederqvist manual for CVS 1.12.12 says "Someday, there may be a cvs passwd command", I know that is not the latest version but the latest in Cygwin packages is 1.11.21 (latest stable).
Renà Berber

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