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Re: cygwin unix commands in windows

Tom Lee wrote:

after further study, I noticed that using "c:/directory" works fine with my tests except tar.exe.

all of the following commands works
cp.exe c:/temp/tuner.h c:/test/
mv.exe c:/temp/tt.h c:/test

for tar.exe,
tar test.tar c:/temp/*
 tar cvf c:/test.tar  c:/temp/*
 tar xvf c:/test.tar
will fail

is tar.exe the only exception that won't work correctly when using "c:/"?

from my test, I didn't see any other commands has the problem in handling "c:/"

I understand people here may like /cygdrive/c more than c:/. Just want to know if it is an accident feature that all other commands can work with c:/ except tar?

Tom, have you ever read the man page for 'tar'? Now might be a good time. Pay special attention to the "--force-local" flag.

This is not a Cygwin issue.  Further discussion if it in this thread is
therefore off-topic for this list.  You'll have to find another mailing list
to follow-up with if you want to talk about this more.

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