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Re: bash shell globbing not working anymore

Eureka!  I checked the cygcheck output and noticed that my cygwin dll was old even though "setup" thought I was up to date.  Maybe a previous cygwin update failed to complete properly?   I reinstalled the base cygwin package using setup and now it is all working fine.

I guess the current bash doesn't jive with  cygwin 1.5.19(0.150/4/2) 2006-01-16 15:01 i686 Cygwin,

Thanks everyone,


----- Original Message ----
From: Dave Korn <>
To: cygwin mailing list <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2006 1:13:22 PM
Subject: RE: bash shell globbing not working anymore

On 04 October 2006 18:08, Andy Telford wrote:

> Nope. The directory was not empty, so * should have been expanded by the
> shell according to the bash "pathname expansion" rules.  I included the
> SHELLOPTS variable in the first email to show that noglob is not set.  
> $ mkdir newdir
> $ cd newdir
> $ touch newfile
> $ ls
> newfile
> $ ls *
> ls: *: No such file or directory
> $ type ls
> ls is hashed (/usr/bin/ls)

  Weird.  Let's have a look at your cygcheck -svr output then (as an
attachment, please).  Hold back on the strace logs just for now, though!

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