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Re: extending desktop to a second monitor

Fabrizio Salvatore wrote:

I run cygwin on my Windows XP laptop and I now have a second monitor that I use to extend my desktop. Although I can use both monitors without any problem with Windows, when I run cygwin I noticed the following: when I open a new xterm, this will always be open on my laptop's monitor and when I move it to the other monitor I can type everything without any problem on the login window, but if I launch for example xemacs, I can write on the xemacs window only if I put it on the laptop's monitor: when I move it to the extenal monitor I can see it, but I cannot type on it or for instance close it. I have noticed the same also when I launch other applications (ROOT, for example). Is this because cygwin only recognizes my laptop's monitor as the Windows terminal ? If so, is there a way to tell cygwin to 'extend' the Windows terminal to the external monitor, when this is present ?

1] You must be talking about Cygwin/X, so your question might be better of directed to that mailing list.

2] It worked just fine for me on my dual monitor set up, at least opening
up various X windows. I don't use xemacs but rather GNU emacs, so I'm not sure
what the problem might be.

3] As Cygwin/X is sort of an orphan package, you might look into the Xming package,
as found at

Jonathan Arnold             

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