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Re: shopt igncr not working

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According to Frank Illenseer on 10/4/2006 2:24 AM:
> 3) When trying the option of including the shopt line in my
> .bash_profile I first opened a
>    bash login shell (which indeed executes the .bash_profile) and
> in-there then ran the script
>    with DOS endings by calling

Does have a shebang (#!)?  Are you calling it without
mentioning which shell should invoke it (ie. '' instead of
'bash')?  If so, you are starting yet another bash process
(possibly by the name /bin/sh); the new process for the script starts out
with the default shopt setting, and not the shopt setting of the parent
shell, as bash has no way to communicate that to an unrelated child
process.  On the other hand, you could use BASH_ENV to point to a file
whose contents set the shopt, so that all non-interactive scripts
automatically get the desired igncr behavior:

$ echo 'shopt -s igncr;#' > /etc/bash_env
$ export BASH_ENV=/etc/bash_env

Then you would not have to edit any scripts.

And then there is still the possibility that my next release of bash will
default igncr to enabled.  I'm still debating on that one.

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