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Re: gcc build problem - make vpath

Dave Korn wrote:
On 03 October 2006 20:27, Michael Eager wrote:

Dave Korn wrote:
On 03 October 2006 03:10, Michael Eager wrote:
It looks like make is not recognizing VPATH correctly.
I'm using make-3.80-1.
  This is unlikely.  Gcc is known to build on cygwin.  I do it all the time
and it has no problem for me.  Perhaps something else is underlying.
I've also built GCC on Cygwin a number of times without problem
until I updated Cygwin, which installed make-3.81.  The changes in
make-3.81 cause problems with another makefile which uses DOS paths
containing variables (%name), so I uninstalled make-3.81 and installed
make-3.80 binaries from

I reinstalled make-3.81. The problem is gone.

I don't have the option of re-writing the makefiles which use
DOS paths to make them compatible with make-3.81.

Is there a working version of make-3.80 available?  Is there
any option which will make make-3.81 treat DOS variables the
same as in make-3.80?

  Ok, I cannot even begin to make sense out of this.  You first said you were
having a problem building gcc with 3.80-1.  Now you say 3.80 works fine and
3.81 caused the problem.  Next, you say the problem wasn't to do with gcc but
some other makefile.  Then you said that 3.81 didn't cause the problem.

Maybe you should try and explain it over again, from the beginning?


I installed Cygwin.  Setup offered two versions of make:
3.80 and 3.81, with make-3.81 as the default.  Make-3.81 had a
problem with building a different package, which lead to my
installing the previous version of make-3.80.

Builds of gcc using the Cygwin distribution of make-3.80 work.

I updated Cygwin to add a package.  As part of the process,
setup updated make to version make-3.81.  I noticed this
and uninstalled make-3.81.  Setup no longer listed make-3.80
as an alternate.

I looked for make-3.80.  I didn't find it in a cygwin repo,
but there was a link on to binaries.  I installed
these binaries for make-3.80.

Building gcc using the mozilla version of make-3.80 fails
as previously described.  I assumed that this version of
make was the same as the one which I previously installed.
Apparently, it isn't or there is some other incompatibility.

The answer to my last question seems to be yes.  (Thanks
Matthew!)  I'll look into using William Hoffman's patched
version of make-3.81.

-- Michael Eager 1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306 650-325-8077

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