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Re: updated bash to latest 3.1.17(8)-release; startup has errors now

On 10/3/06, mwoehlke <> wrote:
DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
> This google search was pretty much worthless when I ran it before I
> sent my message in:
> bash "command not found" inurl:ml

If you've STFLA'd, it is good to mention this when asking your question. :-)

> vi did not show any unusual line endings (CR/LF) in /etc/profile
> before I sent my message in

...and you know to look for '(dos)' in the status line, right? Although
as Larry pointed out, this is only reliable if vi[m] is configured a
certain way; ultimately, you might want to just try running d2u on it
regardless of what you *think* the line endings are. (Also, have you
checked that there is not some OTHER script being called at login, say
~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc, etc) that has 'bad' line endings?)

> I noticed that the cygcheck output said things weren't there when a
> manual check shows that they are there and that they are in the path
> that cygcheck says it is checking.
> For my issue, not the thread hijacking 'make' issue, I do not have a
> dual-core or hyperthreaded system.

Hint: that was satire. ;-)
(And to explain/ruin the inside joke, 'make 3-81' was the previous

> I did read the release notes when they came out.  The ANNOUNCE list is
> the only one that I read all the messages for.  It did not look like
> it should be causing the issues I am having.

Ok, but again you should have mentioned that in your first e-mail...
Otherwise, as you can see, people jump to the obvious conclusion.

Plus, the more information you give off the bat, the more likely someone
is to notice a problem and come up with a solution.

"I don't question your existence -- God" (seen on a church billboard)


For some reason, I forgot to look for the [dos] as I thought vi would just show me the ^M at the end all the time.

I am a bonehead for that.

both od -c and vi -b show that, sure enough, there are plenty of \r\n in there.

Oops and sorry to bother everyone, but at least I learned something out of it.


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