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Re: crosstool-0.42 & cygwin

kyle wrote:
When running under cygwin, I get odd errors.  It appears that
resources are being consumed from Windows and the script eventually fails.
I read the the mailing list archives and changed the default heap sizes in
Windows to twice their original size... this did not fix the problem.   Has
anyone else seen these types of problems when running crosstool?

Did you see the following note from

Crosstool, and probably gcc and glibc's configure scripts, assume that directory names do not contain any spaces. This is often violated on Windows. Please take care to not use directory names with spaces in them when running crosstool. It might work, but if it doesn't, you've been warned. (Same goes for Mac OS X.)

crosstool creates some really deeply nested directories while building, so filenames are quite long. This has two consequences:

First, on some versions of Windows, filenames (including directory) can't be longer than 240 chars. To avoid exceeding this limit, don't run crosstool in a directory with a long name.

Second, the maximum length of commandlines is extremely short. Since crosstool uses commandlines that include multiple filenames, they can exceed the limit very quickly. You can avoid this problem by using the "mount" command's options. e.g. mount /bin and /usr/bin with -X or "-o cygexec" (see the cygwin faq, and/or mount the crosstool directory with "-o managed" (see the cygwin doc for "mount").

It's easy to run afoul of either of these two.

  Vin Shelton

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