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sitecopy silently fails under cygwin

Hi folks,

I've installed cygwin and sitecopy. When I try to run sitecopy from the bash prompt, nothing happens: i.e., not even an error message:

[113 Workstation:~]$ uname
[114 Workstation:~]$ sitecopy -V
[115 Workstation:~]$

sitecopy appears to be installed OK: 'which sitecopy' returns /usr/ local/bin/sitecopy, and if I run it from the DOS prompt I get the expected error message (the docs say to run it from bash, not DOS).

Windows XP SP2, CYGWIN_NT-5.1, sitecopy-cygwin-0.16.2

I followed the instructions per < sc-cygwin-tips.html>:

1. Downloaded cygwin (including bash, cygwin, libiconv, libxml2 and gettext).

2. Downloaded binary of sitecopy from < cygwin/index.html>. Unzipped into appropriate subdirectories in /usr/ local

Any clues? Anywhere I should be looking for error logs?

(I should probably be on the sitecopy mailing list, but the joining mechanism appears to be broken, and I haven't (yet) received a reply from the administrator...)


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