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Re: mssing packages for cygwin

Tom Lee wrote:

> I read mount and cygpath manual, but still not sure if there is a way
> that I can
> run
> tar cvf test.tar c:/test or
> tar cvf test.tar c:\test

Actually, from either a DOS or a bash (or other cygwin) shell, you can do:

tar cvf test.tar /cygdrive/c/test

Get used to POSIX paths - cygwin is a Linux emulation for Windows, and
POSIX paths will work in more places than DOS paths (not to mention that
backslashes are a pain to use on the command line with regards to proper
quoting rules between the two different styles of shells, but forward
slashes work great in both cases).

tar cvf test.tar /cygdrive/c/test is nice to work.

howver, can I mount /cygdrive/c as c:/ and run as
tar cvf test.tar c:/test ?

I have tar.exe djgpp and it works this way.

djgpp is for the DOS world.  If that's what you really want, you're better
off using djgpp.  But to your question, there is no need to use mount in the
way you describe.  '/cygdrive/c' is a built-in mount to map 'c:' into POSIX
paths.  If you're hung up on DOS paths, you can try'em but if you have
problems that you don't get using the POSIX paths, then you're better
off using 'cygpath' to convert DOS->POSIX.  For example:

cygpath -u c:/test

As far as Cygwin (and the vast majority of the underlying Win32 functions
accepting paths), \ and / are synonymous.

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