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Re: Re: courier auth+imap

Hello René,

Thank you for your speedy response.

On Sat Sep 30 20:56 , René Berber <> sent:

>> This leads me to actually running the server, and my question for the list: Does
>> anyone have experience with that under Cygwin? 
>No experience, but I recently did try to use imap-2006a (the latest UW IMAP
release) and it compiles cleanly with no changes but after running for a while it
hits problems with advisory locking (which doesn't exist in Cygwin since it is
using Windows mandatory locking).

So presumably maildir (with courier, rather than mbox with uw-imap) would
somewhat alleviate this problem?

>> Things (like the auth daemon) seem to be failing silently.
>Installed as service?

I can't make it run on the command line or as a service. According to the docs on
the courier site, authdaemond sits around and starts some other processes,
dumping info about it to syslog. When run from the command line as a normal user,
it just exits, not putting anything into /var/log/messages. When run as a
service, /var/log/messages gets:

Sep 30 23:17:21 Package authd: PID 3976: `authd' service stopped, exit status: 5

But I think that is something cygrunsrv outputs, not authdaemond.

>Running under what user & what Windows version?

WinXP SP2, ran on command line as myself, tried as service with default SYSTEM user. 

>No messages in the event log (or syslog if you are using it)?

Not for authdaemond (I think).

>Last year there was some report similar to yours:

Yes, incomplete. I posted the configure/make instructions in the hope that it
helps someone else get far enough to help out. :-D

>Dovecot is another server that compiles easily, but their Wiki seems to point to
the same problem with advisory locking under Cygwin.

I didn't realize Dovecot had similar problems to uw-imap. I chose Courier because
it supports maildir and seems to have good reviews.

>As you can see, there are a few of us interested in this subject but, as you
say, there isn't much experience reported.

Would be cool if it was part of the distribution, eventually.


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