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Re: courier auth+imap

Marek Telgarsky wrote:

> This leads me to actually running the server, and my question for the list: Does
> anyone have experience with that under Cygwin? 

No experience, but I recently did try to use imap-2006a (the latest UW IMAP release) and it compiles cleanly with no changes but after running for a while it hits problems with advisory locking (which doesn't exist in Cygwin since it is using Windows mandatory locking).

> Things (like the auth daemon) seem to be failing silently.

Installed as service?

Running under what user & what Windows version?

No messages in the event log (or syslog if you are using it)?

Last year there was some report similar to yours:

but I've heard no comments about experience actually running the server.

Dovecot is another server that compiles easily, but their Wiki seems to point to the same problem with advisory locking under Cygwin.

As you can see, there are a few of us interested in this subject but, as you say, there isn't much experience reported.
René Berber

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