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RE: change in behavior of make from 3.80 to 3.81

At 02:36 PM 8/14/2006, Dave Korn wrote:
>On 14 August 2006 19:29, Bill Hoffman wrote:
>  Search the archives, and read the release announcement for the new make
>  Every single day for the past month, we have had at least seventy-four[*]
>identical duplicate redundant reports of this from people who haven't bothered
>to check if it was already known.

Just being lazy.  I should have searched.   I see now there is quite a bit
of traffic on this.  I don't know if this is adding to the discussion, but
I will give my use case that shows the problem.

So, visual studio 2005 now supports the ability to run cl for two .o files
at the same time, so you can do make -j N builds with cl as the compiler.
I am the maintainer of the CMake package, and CMake can generate
"Unix Makefiles" on windows, and in the past prior to 3.81, this worked. 
The problem is that the CMake that generates the makefiles does not know about
cygwin, and can not run cygpath.   It creates makefiles with / and not \, but
still has the drive letter : for full paths.   cl does accept paths with / in them,
but it obviously does not know about /cygdrive/c.   

I guess I should just recommend that cmake users use mingw make:

>Note that the --win32 command line option and "MAKE_MODE" environment
>variable are no longer supported in Cygwin's make.  If you need to use a
>Makefile which contains MS-DOS path names, then please use a MinGW
>version of make.
>See: <> for details on downloading a version of make
>which understands MS-DOS path names.  Please! direct any questions about
>the MinGW version of make to the appropriate MinGW mailing list.

Although, the only thing CMake users need is a way to specify the
drive root, and /cygdrive will not work because of cl.  But, the rest
of the paths used in the makefiles are POSIX /.


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