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Re: Can NTFS junctions be listed?

John and Holly Klug wrote:
Is there a utility for cygwin that can list NTFS junction points? Perhaps an option for find? I am interested in junctions that are not on the same partition.

posix does not display hard links as special file/dir attributes. windows/dos does: cmd.exe dir lists it correctly (<VERBINDUNG> in german). totalcmd as <LNK>

ls -li will print the number of links and inode number of each file.
such hard links will have the same inode number and same number of links.
Sorry, I'm not aware of a simple utility to print such hardlinks, esp. since linux does not support hardlinked directories.

It appears that junctions from gets an invalid instruction when run my Athlon XP machine.

Linda Walsh schrieb:
Be sure to report the details to Mark (@sysinternals) -- he's usually
pretty good about fixes (at least he used to be before he worked for

before doing that: do you need the x64 version of junction.exe? there's none yet. you'll have to compile it by your own. -- Reini Urban

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