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Re: 3.81 and windows paths

On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 04:07:50PM -0700, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>Actually, we have had people who have complained because make became
>>confused by certain uses of a ':' in the old version of make.  I see
>>now that this is because of the attempt to interpret a valid make rule
>>as a MS-DOS path.
>>So, I'm less inclined to want to recommend an upstream patch.  I don't
>>think I want to break valid makefiles which work on linux.
>Well surely such a patch would include sufficient logic to know that
>^[a-z]:[/\\] incidates a DOS path and not to just blindly puke and cry
>on a path component that happens to have a : in it somewhere.

I'm saying that I think it is possible for a valid makefile to be
interpreted incorrectly in the presence of a ':' when make interprets
the ':' as a filename component.  I remember a couple of reports in the
last few years from people who stumbled across a parsing problem due to
colons which wouldn't have been a problem if cygwin's MS-DOS aware make
hadn't been trying to treat colons specially.

So, I don't think that MinGW's make accepts a superset of linux
makefiles and MS-DOS colon-using makefiles.  I think it actually accepts
a subset of all valid linux makefiles.


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