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Re: [Q] About halting problems at installation of cygwin

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Please avoid raw email addresses in your replies:

>>> I run the setup.exe and follow the installation precedure. After
finishing installation of the whole package, the setup program was trying
to launch post-install procedure. But the progress bar didn't advance
after that point, which shows /etc/postinstall/ for 8 hours.
> What does /var/log/setup.log.full say about that installation attempt?
>>> So, I cannot help but cancelling the setup program and at that moment
installation complete pop appeared. But Start-program-cygwin
>>> menu was not created, and I cannot compile my AMSS source code because
/bin/sh doesn't exist.
> /bin/sh is missing because didn't run to completion.  We need to
> solve why that didn't happen, although running setup.exe again may help.
>>> What are the problems, and How can I finish my installation procedure?
>>> Plz, Help me.
> Help us help you.  Follow the directions at
>, and attach, as a text file, the output of
> 'cygcheck -svr' so we can see where things currently stand for you.

Your attachments were binary, not text.

According to 김영재 on 7/25/2006 6:09 PM:
> Thank you for your kindness and response.
> I tried another way to install cygwin after sending the mail.
> I had choosed as a download server. But I switched the server from to
> In this case, procedure have passed, but same problem occured at
> I attatch /var/log/setup.log.full and cygcheck.out from cygchck -svr > cygcheck.out.
> I really want to install cygwin.

My apologies to the list for not being more explicit in suggesting that
only the relevant portions of setup.log.full (or at least a compressed
attachment, rather than plain text) be sent - NEVER drop a multi-megabyte
file on a mailing list without good cause.

In your cygcheck:
> Found: C:\Apps\Perl\bin\perl.exe
> Found: C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\perl.exe
> Warning: C:\Apps\Perl\bin\perl.exe hides C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\perl.exe

I doubt that is the problem, but it is worth investigating.

sh appeared to install correctly based on the cygcheck output.

In your setup.log.full, you had lots of these messages:
> 2006/07/25 17:12:47 io_stream_cygfile: fopen failed 2 No such file or

My recollection is that this has been improved in a recent snapshot of
setup.exe - who is in charge of releasing the next setup.exe version?

> 2006/07/25 17:32:58 running: C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c
> /usr/bin/bash: /etc/postinstall/ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No
such file or directory
> 2006/07/25 17:33:01 running: C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c
> /usr/bin/bash: /etc/postinstall/ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No
such file or directory
> 2006/07/25 17:33:01 running: C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c
> /usr/bin/bash: /etc/postinstall/ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No
such file or directory
> 2006/07/25 17:33:01 running: C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c
> 2006/07/25 17:33:02 abnormal exit: exit code=0

Hmm - when doing a global install of every single cygwin package (which
usually isn't recommended, but is what you did), it looks like the
setup.exe sort method of postinstall scripts is alphabetical by package
name, not by postinstall name.  I wish we could get a setup.exe that
sorted by dependency order instead.

> 2006/07/25 17:33:12 running: C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c
> 2006/07/26 08:48:30 mbox note: Installation Complete
> 2006/07/26 08:48:31 Ending cygwin install

And that must have been where you killed the process.  Phooey, it didn't
leave any bread crumbs as to why you thought it was hung.  Some of the
postinstalls do take a long time, but I don't recall seeing coreutils'
script ever hang.

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