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Re: Problem using ftp with rxvt

On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, Charles D. Russell wrote:

>     When ftp is opened in rxvt, some of the incoming text that should be
> written to the screen is lost.  Simplest example: at shell prompt, enter
> "ftp".  One does not get the ftp prompt, but one is indeed running ftp,
> since if one next types "help" you get the header for the help screen,
> with the rest of the help screen missing.  Again no ftp prompt, but
> typing "quit" gets you back to the bash prompt. "type ftp" shows that
> this is using the cygwin ftp, not the windows ftp.
> ftp works ok from the bash console, and rxvt seems to work ok for
> capturing local output and for using vim with mark/copy/paste, but ftp
> and rxvt don't work together.

I can't reproduce your problem on my machine (WinXP, Cygwin 1.5.21+).
However, I *can* easily reproduce this behavior with the Windows native
ftp.  Are you sure you're using the Cygwin version of ftp?  One way to
check is the output of "help" -- the Cygwin ftp supports the "umask" and
"chmod" commands, for example, as well as macro definition commands ("$"
and "macdef").

I suspect that you're running "type ftp" from the console bash, and not
from rxvt.  Note that, by default, rxvt does not start a login shell, so
the environment isn't going to be the same as that in the console bash
started from cygwin.bat.  Try "rxvt -e bash -li" instead and see if it
works better for you.

If you are certain that you're using the Cygwin ftp, we need to know more
about your Cygwin installation.  Please re-read and follow the Cygwin
problem reporting guidelines at <>,
especially the bit about *attaching* the output of "cygcheck -svr" on your
system.  For example, there was a problem with program output reported in
Cygwin 1.5.20 that was fixed in 1.5.21.

>     My problem is that when I try to get directory information on a
> remote machine using ftp commands ls or dir, it scrolls off the bash
> screen faster than I can read it.  On Unix, I used the command "script"
> to deal with this problem, but there seems to be no "script" command in
> cygwin.

Au contraire.  Try searching for "bin/script\b" on the Cygwin package
search page at <>.  Though I suspect that the
Windows native ftp, if you do indeed use that, is going to have similar
sorts of problems with script as it does with rxvt.

> rxvt is the only way I know to capture output before it scrolls
> away.  Without directory information, I can't navigate the remote
> machine.

Or (not Cygwin-related at all), you can go to the window properties of the
Cygwin bash shell and set the screen buffer height to some large number
(9999 is what I use, and it's almost always enough).
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