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Re: MS Windows 2k3 domain users issue

From: "Larry Hall (Cygwin)"
It's not clear whether your '/etc/groups' file is up-to-date on your XP
machine.  Try running 'mkgroup -l -d >/etc/group'.  If you have trouble

XP machine is at my office and the w2k3 server is at my residence. The 'etc/group' file on the XP box was build local to the machine and the domain it is connected to as well as the password file. According to the documentation I've seen on this, the client side (connecting from) 'group & passwd' files do not 'participate' in the authentication to the server. That the 'server side' is unable to properly validate the incoming client credentials against the 'server side' '/etc/group & /etc/passwd' files.

doing this, check if you need to specify your domain as well.

Example of SSH connection process: SSH ssh_server_domain_name -l username

adding the @ and domain behind the username also does not work.
Administrators have no problem connecting, but no other users can.

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