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Re: Why does tcl84.dll not follow the Cygwin DLL naming convention?

Shankar Unni wrote:

> This just a casual question: why? I know, WJM and all that, but why
> don't these libraries have a "cyg" prefix - which would solve all these
> problems?

I think it's because tcl/tk is one of the few packages that is actually
compiled as a windows native program.  However running cygcheck on the
dlls shows that they seem to still be linked against cygwin1.dll so it's
clear my understanding is a little bit off here.

There was a long thread on the -apps list at one time about the state of
these packages, and the various flavors that it could take, i.e.
MSVCRT/Cygwin and GDI/X11.  But no one actually stepped forward to do
anything about this and take over the packaging, and cgf has said
repeatedly the only reason they are there is to support insight and
other than that working he has no real desire to mess with them.

The fact that insight comes with (or maybe "requires" is a better word)
its own bundled copy of tcl/tk is a separate issue I think -- ideally it
would use the installed copy on the system and not depend on its own,
which I think would simplify this situation greatly.  Then we could
package tcl/tk more freely, offering the various flavors.


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