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Re: Cron Problems

Andrew King wrote:

> Before I get started, please note that I'm a complete Cygwin newbie, so
> try to bear with me.
> We had Cron running on a system to check the integrity of our backups,
> but the drive went out.  We had a backup of the drive before it went
> out.  My boss now wants me to make the Cron run again from the backup of
> the Cygwin directory, and I've never worked with Cygwin in my life.  So
> I really don't know what I'm doing.  I tried running "cygrunsrv -I Cron
> -p /bin/crontab.exe" to install the service.  The service installs, but

Wrong, the service is not installed that way.

Read /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cron.README first, then uninstall the mess you did
with "cygrunsrv -R Cron" before you install it again.

Second, you should really learn about how to use cron.  The documentation of the
installed cron can be seen with "man cron", "man crontab", "man 5 crontab".  Any
 documentation from the Web could also be useful.
René Berber

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