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Re: How can I copy the configuration from one PC to another?

On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 03:19:39AM +0100, Chris Croughton wrote:
>On Mon, 24 Jul 2006 00:05:45 +0200, Daniela Duerbeck wrote:
>>I think that several people have this problem: If you get a new PC you
>>have to manually switch on all programs that you want or need.  Is it
>>possible to copy the configuration from one PC to another and if, how?
>Seconded! I always forget some packages.  If it were in a straight text
>file it could also be used to 'diff' two systems to find version and
>installation differences.
>Also, a search facility in setup.exe would be really useful, some of
>the packages are not obviously sorted (ssh for instance is sorted under
>'O' for 'openssh').

You should investigate "cygcheck", "mount",,
and, as Larry indicates .

It's difficult to understand how you could "forget some packages" if you
are copying an installation from one system to another.  If you copy the
cygwin root (using drag-and-drop, xcopy/s, robocopy, cp, or whatever)
and all of its subdirectories, you're most of the way there.  Using the
output from "mount -m" to recreate the mount table on the other system
will get you even further and, of course, you would have to run
"mkpasswd" and "mkgroup".  If you installed services those will have to
be recreated too.

But, then, with the possible exception of the "mount -m" all of this should
be pretty obvious so there's no way to know where the problem lies.

Maybe you're just staring at the two systems and concentrating really
hard, muttering "Come on! Copy...  Copy..."

That won't work.  Believe me, I've tried.


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