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Re: Why are Windows paths broken in make 3.81?

Michael Hirsch wrote:
Here is a sample Makefile that breaks with Gnu Make 3.81-1 under
Cygwin, but works fine with Gnu Make 3.80-1.  We have been writing
these types of Makefiles for years, using both Windows and Cygwin
tools, and this is the first time Make has ever broken like this.

I see in another thread that this is a known issue, though I don't see
it in the changelogs for make 3.81.

Was this a deliberate break with backwards compatibility?  It means
that every single reference to a windows path needs to be wrapped in
cygpath, which is a huge inconvenience.

Yes. See <>. If you are using a POSIX-like "OS" (i.e. Cygwin), you should be using POSIX paths. That's not an inconvenience, that's called writing a bad makefile. If you aren't using Cygwin for the POSIX environment, you should be using MinGW.

Is it broken only on Windows?

That sounds like a silly question... 'are Windows paths only broken on Windows?'

Is this a cywin only bug?  What possible reason could there be to
introduce this deliberately?

No, as it is not a "bug". However it is specific to Cygwin. See the aforementioned announcement. CGF would have to speak to "why" (and I would appreciate if he would, just because I am curious :-)), but I would guess it is to "encourage" people to use correct (i.e. POSIX) paths.

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