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Possible memory leak problem using "find"?


I have observed the page file usage in Windows Task Manger whilst running a
find command in cygwin. The usage steadily climbs up by about 0.5-1MB per
second whilst the command is running and then stops climbing when the
command is completed. The PF Usage does not return to the level it was out
before the command ran. If I run the "find" enough times I eventually run
out of memory and windows starts sending me error messages.

I'm running the command inside various scripts in bash-3.1. The effect
happens when running scripts that contain the find command and does not
happen when other scripts are run. In one script the find is run many times
inside a loop and in another script the find is only run once. The effect
on PF Usage is more noticable when the script with the loop is run.

the find command is being run on a directory structure in Rational
Clearcase. The memory 'disappears' both with a simple find eg

/etc/usr/> find . -name my_file

and also with a more complicated find:

/etc/usr/> find . -name my_file -exec sed 's/foo/bar' {} /;

I couldn't see anything similar to this in the archives so I thought I
would report it.



(See attached file: cygcheck.out)

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