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Re: bash filename completion character bug

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According to Chris Croughton on 7/19/2006 10:48 PM:
> When I do filename completion with TAB I get an extra character on the
> name:
>   ~$ ba[TAB]
>   BA31INSTALL.LOG  basename.exe     bash.exe         bashdb
>   batt.dll
>   banner.exe       basesrv.dll      bashbug          batmeter.dll
>   ~$ baa
> This seems to be purely a visual artefact, the actual characters in the
> input buffer are still correct but all of the editing is then wrong (so
> doing backspace twice in the above will leave the 'b' visible but not in
> the input buffer).

This is a repeatedly-reported bug in readline 5.0/5.1's handling of
single-line prompts in the face of invisible characters when compiled for
multi-byte handling.  I don't know the root cause, but the upstream
maintainer, Chet Ramey, claims that he has fixed it for readline 5.2.  He
currently has a beta test underway, and I am hoping to package readline
5.2 in the near future to see if his claim holds any water (he had also
claimed to fix it for 5.1, but obviously hadn't).

In the meantime, workarounds are to change your PS1 to be multi-line, give
up color sequences, recompile readline to avoid multi-byte characters, or
live with it until at least the next release.

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