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When ssh'd in, cannot run MS compiler /Zi debug option.

I suspect I'm missing some "rights".  This is an issue for me 
on multiple machines running  Windows Server 2003 x64 or for 
32b WinXP.
When I try to compile using the debug-option (/Zi) to the 
Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2005 compiler:
    cl /Zi hello.cpp
it only works from within cygwin if I am on the console or 
remote desktop. If I ssh-in to the same machine, it fails with 
a error message:

     Fatal Error C1902: Program database manager mismatch; please 
     check your installation.

Compiling without /Zi works fine anywhere we try it. My best guess is 
that it has to do with some RPC rights required for the debug-symbol 
file (PDB) generation done by the mspdb80.dll . That DLL uses RPC to 
talk to the mspdbsrv.exe. 

Any ideas? Is this a problem because the compiler running as my via 
ssh doesn't have sufficient rights to talk RPC to the mspdbsrv.exe ?  

Is there some editrights-right that I need to add to the sshd_server 
or my own account to get this to work properly?  

When I run "editrights -lv -u myusername", it does not list any 
rights either on the remote-desktop or when ssh'd in.  My account 
is an administrator account.

My cygwin installations are complete & up-to-date as of today. (I 
cannot attach a cygcheck output via the gmane interface). FWIW:
cygwin                   1.5.20-1
openssh                  4.3p2-3

(Please don't flame me for using Microsoft compilers. My code compiles 
with gcc on all platforms but one: win64 (x86-64 windows). Binutils 
hasn't gotten there yet; it would be *really* great if they did.)

Thank you.

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