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RE: scp timeout on dual-core processor

> -----Original Message-----
> I have the same exact problem as Steve:
> "I have a (what appears to be) similar problem also with a dual core
> (Centrino Duo) machine.  My problem manifests when I attempt 
> to paste in an
> X window (i.e. click the middle mouse button).  I immediately (100%
> reproducible) get "Disconnecting: Timeout, server not 
> responding.", and my
> ssh session dies."
> I just got a new machine with a centrino duo, dual core processor... 
> Just another data point.. If there is anything I can do in 
> terms of diagnosis please let me know.
> Thx,
> --Kurt

If you are having this problem on a Dell laptop, then, as Larry Hall
pointed out earlier, a software package from Embassy has been
causing problems.  As far as I know this was first described here:

You should be able to contact either Dell or Embassy for a patch
that fixes this problem.  I have applied the fix on several dual-core
Dell laptops and have not seen the 'scp-timeout' problem since.


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