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Re: Compilation with cygwin

Guenther Sohler wrote:

is there a possibility to compile GTK Applications in CYGWIN in such a way,
that you can start them from the Windows Desktop, instead just from the CYGWIN
Bash ?

Any program compiled with Cygwin can be invoked directly outside of bash.
Some may give better results than others, depending on how you set up your
Windows path, whether it's a console app or not, etc.  I'm not a Cygwin GTK
expert but I believe if you compile a GTK app using the GTK package
distributed with Cygwin, you will require X, which means you'll need to be
running the X server before you can successfully start the program.

How could such a program automatically find all required dll's ?

By looking in the PATH.

Is there a DEFINE Available for compilations by cygwin, that is actually beeing
compiled with CYGWIN, instead of normal Unix eg a WINDOWS=1 variable ?

Look for telltale defines returned by typing "gcc -v".

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