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Re: Updated [experimental]: tar-1.15.90-1

On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 02:21:09PM +0000, Eric Blake wrote:
>If I may be permitted to make a hint - the cygwin donations page can be a great 
>motivator.  If someone were to be willing to shift my focus via a donation, I 
>would be willing to make their highest priority issue become my highest 
>priority.  Not that I am hard up on cash (I do have a good day job, after all), 
>but that it would be a better indication of where my efforts would be 
>appreciated.  And this sentiment probably extends to more cygwin volunteers 
>than just me.

Yes, money is a great motivator but I wouldn't want people to think that
donating $10 with a comment that says "Please fix cron! It won't access
my network drives!" is going to have much effect.

Nevertheless, anyone who expects that they are owed anything just
because software is available to use needs a clue injection.  I'm not
referring to anyone in specific here but it does seem like the recent
climate in this list has been trending towards expectation of service
which does not match the fact that people like Eric are essentially
doing favors for anyone who uses the software they maintain.

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