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Re: Updated [experimental]: tar-1.15.90-1

Angelo Graziosi <Angelo.Graziosi <at>> writes:
> According to Eric Blake :

[Quit commandeering threads.  Because you changed the subject line of an 
unrelated thread, rather than replying to the correct email or starting a new 
thread, I had a hard time finding the thread containing your post in order to 
issue my response.]

> > In other words, to use this, you MUST install a
> > recent cygwin snapshot (20060329 or later), or wait for cygwin-1.5.20 to
> > be released. 
> Cygwin 1.5.20 is out but tar-1.15.90-1 is yet in test section.
> Are there special reasons for this to happen?

Yes.  It is because cygwin is a volunteer project, and I have not had time to 
release tar-1.15.91 yet (yes, upstream has had a new release in the meantime).  
(I have been too busy getting coreutils-5.97, diffstat-1.42 and 1.43, m4-1.4.5, 
and xdelta-1.3.3 released; not to mention I also know that sharutils, 
findutils, and bash-completion all need updates; not to mention that bash-
3.2beta/readline-5.2beta is out, and I would like to play with that; and not to 
mention that bashdb is threatening a new upstream release this week.  About the 
only package I maintain that has not needed attention during the past month is 

If I may be permitted to make a hint - the cygwin donations page can be a great 
motivator.  If someone were to be willing to shift my focus via a donation, I 
would be willing to make their highest priority issue become my highest 
priority.  Not that I am hard up on cash (I do have a good day job, after all), 
but that it would be a better indication of where my efforts would be 
appreciated.  And this sentiment probably extends to more cygwin volunteers 
than just me.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin tar (and others) maintainer

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