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Re: dselect - formally Re: Running as root

Stephen Grant Brown wrote:


> The output of the program (which is dselect) I am having trouble with is
> in the attached file.
> How do I find out which file has read-only access?
> I am making the assumption that if a program is in the cygwin
> distribution, the cygwin community would like to get it working
> properly. Is this assumption valid? assume = ass + U + me.

As Brian said in a separate thread:

Just to repeat. If you trying to update cygwin, please use setup.exe, the only supported mechanism for doing so.

If you are looking for a mechanism to do updates via the command line, there isn't a tool do this. However setup.exe can be fooled into doing this (please Google), and there are attempts to make setup.exe more useful from the command line.

There are a few package managers from Linux distributions available (dselect and rpm are the ones I can think of). As far as I know these are only present for two reasons:
- to allow inspection of packages for these distributions
- to help investigations of the feasability of other packaging methods for cygwin.

None of them are currently capable of maintaining a cygwin installation.

Also, you will note that dpkg was last updated in 2002 and IIRC is looking for a maintainer (or may be culled at any time).

If you still want help with dselect, I suggest you describe exactly what you are trying to do with it, and the steps you take which lead to the problem. It will them become clear whether or not that behaviour is expected to work or not.



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