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pathnames >255 characters: supported by NT, not cygwin...

Linda Walsh wrote:
Dave Korn wrote:
Still lacking in useful information. You *still* haven't told us HOW on
earth you managed to get impossibly long file names, you *still* haven't shown
us the names of any directories that have failed.

Resolution 5: Use a tool that can traverse deep paths

Many Windows programs expect the maximum path length to be shorter than 255 characters. Therefore, these programs only allocate enough internal storage to handle these typical paths. NTFS does not have this limit and it can hold much longer paths.

You may experience this issue if you create a share at some point in your folder structure that is already fairly deep, and then create a deep structure below that points by using the share. Some tools that operate locally on the folder tree may not be able to traverse the whole tree starting from the root. You may have to use these tools in a special way so that they can traverse the share. (The CreateFile API documentation describes a method to traverse the whole tree in this situation.)

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