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Re: Double backslashed registry names can't be found?

* Stephen D Lindner (2006-07-15 01:35 +0000)
> OK, no more top posting...I can take a hint...erp, excuse me.

Your quoting is way beyond good and evil...

You can't "check" with regtool for values - only for keys. The
documentation says it.

On the other hand you shouldn't trust the documentation because it is
incorrect in many ways:

* It says "KEY is in the format [host]\prefix\KEY\KEY\VALUE" (which
would mean that you /could/ "regtool check" for values  - but you
can't. The problem here is that sometimes "KEY" means "KEY" and
sometimes "KEY" means "KEY\VALUE".

* It says "You can use forward slash ('/') as a separator instead of
backslash, in that case backslash is treated as escape character"
...which would mean that 

regtool get '/HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/UserAssist/{75048700-EF1F-11D0-9888-006097DEACF9}/Count/HRZR_EHACNGU:S:\\cfgneg.rkr'

...should work - but it doesn't.

* the doc says "Options for 'set' and 'unset' Actions: -K<c>,
--key-separator[=]<c>  set key separator to <c> instead of '\'"

That incorrect in two ways because

1. "-k" is not only valid for set and unset but it's also valid for

2. It would mean that "regtool -K+ check
'+HKEY_CURRENT_USER+Software'" would be valid but it isn't.

So what actually does work...?

1. regtool -K+ get '\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\UserAssist\{75048700-EF1F-11D0-9888-006097DEACF9}\Count+HRZR_EHAPCY:"P:\JVAQBJF\flfgrz32\vagy.pcy",Ertvbany naq Ynathntr Bcgvbaf' 
2. regtool -K+ get '/HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/UserAssist/{75048700-EF1F-11D0-9888-006097DEACF9}/Count+HRZR_EHAPCY:"P:\\JVAQBJF\\flfgrz32\\vagy.pcy",Ertvbany naq Ynathntr Bcgvbaf'

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