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Re: inetd help

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
inetd is not designed to run under cygrunsrv. It installs (and, fwiw, removes) itself as service. One condition to get this right is to read the documentation first, which, I think, is always a good idea:


There you'll see that not long ago a special option -D has been added to allow running inetd under cygrunsrv. But it's not necessary, just read on in the above document.

Did you call the /bin/iu-config script before starting inetd? Or, in other words, do you have a valid /etc/inetd.conf file?
Sounds like time for a /bin/inetd.config similar to /bin/ssh-host-config, /bin/cron.config, etc...
Btw., when running on 2K3, the SYSTEM user has not enough privileges to switch the user context w/o password, which will spoil using rsh a bit... See the /bin/sshd-host-config script from the openssh package, which installs not only the sshd serice, but also creates a new user account called "sshd_server", which has the necessary privileges to do that. You could remove the inetd service and recreate it again after running /bin/sshd-host-config like this:

cygrunsrv -R inetd
cygrunsrv -I inetd -u sshd_server -w <sshd_server's password> ...

Or you just change the user account in the Services MMC Snap-In.
I'd argue it's also becoming time for a replacement for the Local System Account for sshd, inetd and crond, perhaps named daemon instead of sshd_server which seems decidedly ssh biased. IOW maybe a little config script to create the daemon user - which the necessarily privileges like sshd_server - which each/any of the above mentioned config script could call in order to set up the service. In fact I think this should be the way to go even on older systems such as 2000 and XP instead of relying on Local System Account. Then it's a little cleaner that all Cygwin services requiring any specific permissions runs under the daemon local user...
Andrew DeFaria <>
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