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Re: DLL loading problem with binutils-20060709-1

--- Bill Metzenthen <>

> I have been developing a mixed python / C++ program
> which uses SWIG to
> handle the interface.  This worked fine until I
> updated binutils to
> 20060709-1.  Then when the python script tried to
> load the DLL generated
> with the help of SWIG, the following error message
> appeared:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "", line 13, in ?
>     from py_extend import *
>   File "/c/usr/projects/", line 5, in ?
>     import _py_extend
> ImportError: Permission denied
> All file permissions looked o.k.  Restoring binutils
> to 20050610-1 fixed
> the problem.
> Is the new binutils broken?  Is there a new ld
> option I should be using?
> Or perhaps I was getting away with bad behaviour
> before and the new
> binutils is punishing me?  I have been generating
> the DLL simply with "g++
> -shared $(OBJECTS) -o _py_extend.dll".

I am getting the same problem with a program that uses
matplotlib as a subsystem. If I build with the new
binutils installed, I get the same permission problem
as above. If I build with the older version, there is
no problem. I believe, but cannot verify at the moment
that everything runs fine under the new binutils, it
just does not work if the newer binutils is installed
when I compile matplotlib.
I will attempt over the weekend to get a simpler
testcase built.

Gary Zablackis

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