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Re: 1.5.20: Occasional crash at address 0x6100365f (cygthread::stub() in

On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 04:51:21PM +1000, Kiyo Kelvin Lee wrote:
>Using 1.5.20, occasionally sh.exe would crash with the standard Windows 
>crash dialog with these information:
>[sh.exe - Application Error]
>The instruction at "0x6100365f" referenced memory at "0x006cda90". The 
>memory could not be "written".
>Click on OK to terminate the program.
>Click on CANCEL to debug the program.
>Tested snapshot 20060707 and the problem persists.
>With gdb, I found the address corresponding to the function 
>cygthread:stub() of (snapshot 20060707) at line 65:
>	_my_tls._ctinfo = info;
>Reported the problem before but, however, I hope the little further 
>information can help resolving the problem.

Is /bin/sh.exe bash or ash on your system.

Also, could you include the cygcheck output as mentioned at ?

I appreciate that you've taken the steps to debug this but without a way
to duplicate the problem there isn't much that can be done.  I've run
both bash and ash in every way I could think of to duplicate this
problem with no success.  I'm stumped as to how and why a cygthread
could be firing while a process is exiting.

If you can capture this state in gdb and get backtraces of all of the
running threads, that would probably help.


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