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Re: Perl failure

On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 05:08:43PM -0700, Bruce Dobrin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a server that has been doing back end maintenance using perl on
> cygwin for 6 years now.  I recently upgraded from win2k and cyg1.5.9 to
> XP sp3 and cyg1.5.19 (to be fare,  I also cleaned up the perl code a
> bit).  The script checks versioning and build info on about 600+ windows
> systems.  Since the upgrade,  it gets thru about 500 of them ( almost
> exactly 2 hours)  and then:
> panic: MUTEX_LOCK (45) [util.c:2266] at
> /c/dist_and_install_files/source/dist2/ line 24, <HOSTFILE>
> line 277.
> panic: MUTEX_LOCK (45) [op.c:354], <HOSTFILE> line 277.

This indicates EDEADLK being returned from posix_mutex_lock.
> It hits a slightly different time and position in the list each time,
> but always after approximately 2 hours.  I found a few old mails
> suggesting rebaseall,  which I ran to no effect.  The system pretty much
> runs nothing but this. I've been running a version of this script since
> cyg1.3.9 and never had a problem like this one.
> Any suggestions?

Can you revert one or more of the many things you changed, and see if 
it makes a difference?

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