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Re: "replaced while being copied" - was ... RE: Solved partially by findutils 4.3 - RE: "inode changed", ...

On Jul 12 14:39, Ty Sarna wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > No, I think that's enough for now.  As suggested by somebody on this
> > list some weeks ago, I will change the condition on which I use the real
> > inode number instead of faking the inode number using a hash value
> > depending on the FILE_SUPPORTS_OBJECT_IDS flag, except for Samba file
> > systems.  This should lower the chance to get unreliable inode numbers.
> I'm running a cygwin install from yesterday (lib 1.5.20) and running
> into this issue.  The remote filesyste is a Samba share (2.2.8a), part
> of which is local to that box and other parts of which are in turn NFS
> mounted from NetApps and various other things.  I don't have much/any
> control of this environment... 
> Even if I could get the Samba upgraded to a newer one that reported the
> correct file IDs, I don't know that it would help since sometimes it
> would be reporting the information from NetApp, which I understand can
> also be wrong? Further even if Cygwin has logic to deal with the NetApp
> it won't help in this case because it won't realize that's what it's
> ultimately talking to...
> Perhaps the best thing to do is add a registry key/env var/some other
> kind of override that users can set, to prevent cygwin from trying to be
> intelligent here and just use the old hashing method always for Samba
> (which worked fine for me in this exact setup with older Cygwin)
> It's nice when software can guess what the right thing is, but it's always
> good to have an override knob in case the guess is wrong :-)

Sorry, but I still think it's possible to get it right in Cygwin w/o
such a knob.  What about helping to debug why that happens instead
and get a knob-free solution?


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