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Re: Cygwin and screen

Ed Peschko wrote:
> I was wondering if you ever got around to fixing that screen detaching
> bug (ie: the parent being unable to be closed due to an active screen
> process being around. I really like screen, and would like to use it as
> it was intended on cygwin..

Hi Ed.  No, I never was able to fix it.  Not for lack of trying, but 
terminal stuff is deeply confusing to me.  I never got very far with it.

FWIW, you can download my last builds from

You can untar the binary package with e.g.

tar -jx -C / -f screen-4.0.2-0test1.tar.bz2

and it will mostly work.  You get a multiplexed screen.  But when you 
detach a session most of the time you can't reattach to it, even though 
the processes live on so you have to kill them by hand.  There were some 
other minor problems that I forget right now.

screen is an extremely useful program, and I wish someone could solve the 
Cygwin problems with it.  Many people have tried over the years.  I'd be 
happy to package it for Cygwin if someone could get it working.

Good luck,

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