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Re: Probllem with New GDB/Eclipse

René Berber wrote:
Doyle Rhynard wrote:
For me, that is unacceptable. One of the main reasons many users install
cygwin is to use the gnu C/C++compilers and debugger under Windows.

And the compilers and debugger work fine, so...

Since Eclipse is the defacto industrial strength IDE, a broken gdb will
annoy quite a lot of people, not just me.

"Broken gdb" or broken Eclipse plugin? (remember when eclipse could not work with recent cvs versions, you were stuck with cvs 1.10.x?)

Do you know the difference, yes? then complain to the right people.

The previous version of gdb works properly with Eclipse, including the newest version. Along comes a new gdb and compatibility fails. Trashing gdb-20060706 and restoring gdb-20041228 solves the problem. You tell me, was the old version not working correctly or is the new version broken?

When others depend upon what you do, the old maximum for physicians should apply also: "First, do no harm". My suggestion is to roll back the default gdb installation to its previous version and classify the new one as experimental.

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