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Re: Probllem with New GDB/Eclipse

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Doyle Rhynard wrote:
Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 01:04:27PM -0700, Doyle Rhynard wrote:
The newest version of gdb, gdb-20060706, does not work correctly with Eclipse-3.2 + CDT-3.02 (C/C++ plug-in). The problem is that the source code files are not found by gdb during debug sessions. I tried several different methods to force gdb to associate the source files without success. After replacing the new version with gdb-20041228, the Eclipse debugger worked properly, including no trouble displaying source files.

If I had to guess, the recent changes to gdb to make it work with the Insight debugger broke some compatibility mode with other debuggers, including Eclipse. In any case, gdb needs to be fixed.

I don't plan on tracking down why a package which is not part of the cygwin distribution would have problems working with gdb.

If there are generic problems finding source files in gdb, then I
certainly will look into them.  I haven't seen any problems so far,
however, and I use that version of gdb regularly.

For me, that is unacceptable. One of the main reasons many users install cygwin is to use the gnu C/C++compilers and debugger under Windows. Since Eclipse is the defacto industrial strength IDE, a broken gdb will annoy quite a lot of people, not just me.

I believe Chris is just making the point that if gdb doesn't work with software that's not part of the Cygwin distribution, it's not a priority (we have to draw the line somewhere). That doesn't mean that someone else cannot find a solution and submit patches. In other words, it's a <> situation. So if this is a priority issue for you and you have some interest and ability to investigate it, you won't be covering the same ground as any of the Cygwin core developers.

After several other people sent in similar messages, someone in the Eclipse/CDT user group did find a workaround for the problem with gdb-20060706. The solution requires that file paths have explicit mappings of the form: "/cygwin/c" - "C:\".

Is this a bug in the new gdb or does Cygwin have a new policy of no longer providing explicit internal conversions from Windows file paths to POSIX paths?

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