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Find working improperly causes updatedb to take forever


	I upgraded my cygwin today from 1.5.19-4 to 1.5.20-1 (along with other various packages to their current versions).  I ran updatedb, and
instead of it taking less than a few minutes, the prompt hadn't returned after several minutes.  I fired up procexp.exe (from and saw that the find.exe process was opening several registry keys in HKCR.  This process was taking between 20-45% of my
cpu as well.  I did a quick test of the following command:

/usr/bin/find / \( -fstype proc \) -prune -o -print0

Sure enough, the find command happily started traversing the /proc registry keys.  I reverted the cygwin base (keeping everything else
installed as is, although I don't know if there are any dependencies that might be reverted automatically) back to 1.5.19-4, and did the
same test, and find exited properly before descending into /proc as expected.  I'm currently using 1.5.19-4 again. :(

	As far as I know the syntax for the find command should work as above.  (I actually made a copy of the updatedb script and changed it to
echo the find command it was using to make sure.)  Anyway, I saw another post to this list with the subject "Updatedb does not finish",
however I didn't see any replies, or updates, and just thought I'd mail the list in case anyone is interested, or has any other insights. 


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