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Re: Accessing network drive with ssh

David Greene wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Searching the mailing list archives or looking into the FAQ would have
been of some help.

Rather than let this extremely unhelpful reply be the last word, I'll relate my experience. I'm sorry, but it's nearly impossible to do web searches on this topic. I know, I spent weeks doing them.

The FAQ has zero useful information about this particular issue.
It should definitely be added.  The FAQ itself sorely needs to
be reorganized.  Too many things are covered under too broad of
topics.  It's very hard to find answers to specific questions.

The problem is that there are so many permutations of the problem that what works for one person may or may not work for another. Case in point, ...

Basically, you will not be able to access network drives
via /cygdrive or DOS-style drive letters when in an ssh
session.  For some reason "net use" gets very confused in
an ssh environment and the drive mapping just doesn't work.

...I have no problems getting drive letter mapping to work on one computer, and the only issue on the other is that the drive is, for some reason, read-only.

If drives are publicly readable, what WFM is to issue a bunch of 'net use' commands in a script that starts sshd (i.e. my sshd service actually runs 'bash -c <script>'). Of course, this is in a situation where I never need to specify a UN/PW combination.

But you can access them via the network path name (e.g.

The problem in my case is that some things don't like being pointed at UNC paths (Microsoft's compiler, IIRC?), so drive letter mapping HAS to be used.

You'll have to set sshd to run under your user account.

...And I don't do this. My sshd always runs as 'SYSTEM'.

And now back to your regularly scheduled e-mail.

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