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Re: Is anything getting through to the list?

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> If you don't have anything to say then wait until you do.

I tried that a week ago and it didn't work. Six times and it didn't
work. And I've got plenty to say about responses I received in private
email basically telling me that the problem was on my end when it
wasn't, but I'll reserve those comments. I hope the testing process of
cygwin is better than "it works, you must be doing something wrong,
that's that" and then sticking your head in the sand. Nobody with that
attitude towards degugging would last 5 minutes in the real world of

Given the experience I've had here over the last week, and no other
facility to test if something is finally working, and the fact that I've
been bluntly told there was nothing wrong with the list multiple times
when in fact there was, I'd say a single test message was not out of
line. If it violates some rule then I apologize.

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