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Re: Is anything getting through to the list?

Dave Korn wrote:
> On 11 July 2006 15:22, Chuck wrote:
>> I have been trying to post a question to this list for over a week and
>> it never appears, not does it bounce back indicating a problem.
>   Oh yes it does (bounce back, that is).  If you can't find it (the bounce
> message, that is), it's been eaten by a faulty spam filter or some other error
> at your end.  The mailing list software NEVER silently drops an email without
> sending a bounce.
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

Sorry about the personal reply. Every other email list I subscribe to
automatically adds a reply-to header so that replies to messages from
the list go only to the list. Apparently ezmlm doesn't do that.

I'm telling you I sent six emails to this list before one got through. I
do not empty my trash or junk folders and they're not there. My POP
server is not filtering anything. I have no spam filtering software. All
of the emails I sent to the list are still in my sent folder and none
except the last one ever got through. If you'd like I'll forward them
with all the headers. Three were sent via to the
gmane.os.cygwin NG, and two directly to The sixth one
finally made it. There is something going on with the mailing list
software. I've been using this email account for years and never had a
problem with it delivering or receiving email except with this list.

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