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Re: Can't scp to a server running cygwin

Larry Hall (Cygwin <reply-to-list-only-lh <at>> writes:

> Ken Gough wrote:
> > Ken Gough <ken_j_gough <at>> writes:
> > 
> >> Unable to scp to my server running cygwin   
> >> Description  
> >> I have a Windows 2003 server with Cygwin 2.510.2.2. 
> >> scp works fine when I run the command on the scp server.
> > see correction below:
> > scp works fine when I run the command on the cygwin server.
> > 
> >> When I run scp on a linux machine using cygwin as the destination, the 
> > session 
> >> locks up: 
> >>
> >> -bash-2.05b$ scp -p "test1.txt" ITG_user <at> 
> >> ITG_user <at>'s password: 
> >> bash: no job control in this shell 
> >>
> >> ITG_user <at> drwlsw17 ~ 
> >> $ /bin/ls #(here is where it locks up. I tried /bin/ls, then ^c) 
> >> Killed by signal 2. 
> >>
> >> -bash-2.05b$ 
> >>
> >> As you can see, the source does not have a dns entry for drwlsw17, so I 
> > IP 
> >> address.
> >>
> >> Any ideas would be helpful. 
> >> Thanks, 
> >> Ken
> >>
> >>
> > Here is a URL to my cygcheck.out file:
> >
> Please use POSIX paths (i.e. /cygdrive/d/junk/test1.txt).
OK, same result.
> It appears you're getting an old version of bash when you login via scp. 
Are you saying this because of the prompt: -bash-2.05b$
This is on the remote Linux server, not cygwin
> It's
> not obvious from your cygcheck output where that's coming from but you may
> want to check where '/etc/passwd' has set your home directory and if you can
> get there with a simple ssh to that machine 
I tried, and I get a good ssh session and able to source .bash_profile
> (since your home directory is
> clearly a network drive, possibly with restrictive permissions that could
> also be causing you problems).  
an admin user with a network drive was used to generate the first file, 
here is the cygcheck file generated by ITG_user:
> Making sure that you see the current
> Cygwin environment that you installed and deleting any left-over old tools
> will likely help allot.
The last install was done by deleting the entire cygwin folder, removing all 
cygwin service users, and following the uninstall instructions, then 
reinstalling. Besides which, I have never installed anything except this one 


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