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Re: In scripts suddenly must use perl.exe rather than perl

On 7/10/06, David Christensen <> wrote:
zzapper wrote:
> c:/usr/local/bin/perl $*  (hard path to activestate perl)

It was my experience that mixing Cygwin and ActiveState Perl was a
recipe for frustration.  Why can't you just use Cygwin Perl?


I was recently working in an environment where ActivePerl is the default (not all systems have Cygwin), and Cygwin Perl is left for built-in Cygwin utilities to use. To accomplish this we simply put ActivePerl first on the %PATH%. Most Unix-style scripts use a shebang of #!/usr/bin/perl, so they would be unaffected by the change. You just have to remember to use /usr/bin/perl on the command line when you want the Cygwin implementation, and this usually only makes sense when running the Cygwin environment.

We did try the link method (renaming all the Cygwin Perl programs and
creating links to the ActivePerl, but his breaks things that need
things like STDIN and STDOUT (like ReadKey).

Regards, Paul

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